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For self taught Makeup Artists who have a business social media account with Instagram and/or Facebook, you can apply for a Self Taught MUA Discount with Makeupnet!
You would need to email through the following information to [email protected]
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email address
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Date of birth
  6. How long have you been a makeup artist for
  7. Link to your social media accounts (Instagram and/or Facebook) - YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT MUST BE ONLY FOR YOUR MAKEUP ARTISTRY PROMOTION - personal accounts do not qualify.
Upon receiving this information emailed, we'd assess your application and be in contact with you regarding a discount for shopping with us at discounted rates.
Please allow approximately 1 month for assessment and confirmation of your application.
* Please note - approved Self Taught MUA memberships are valid for 1 year (reassessed yearly) *
* Minimum spend requirements may apply if approved for discount *