5 Beauty Tips You May Have Forgotten About!

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Here's a beauty refresher that is almost as refreshing as the Gerard Cosmetics Cucumber Setting Spray - some tips you may have forgotten about along the way! 


1. Line your waterline with a nude eyeliner if you've had a rough night. This will brighten the area, making you seem wide awake! We recommend the LA Girl Glide Gel in Champagne 

2. Heavy handed with your eyeshadow? Buff and blend away the harsh edges with a translucent loose powder or one that matches your skin tone. 

3. When applying foundation, start in the middle of your face and blend out. Base makeup tends to look 'cakey' or mask-like when it is heavy around your jaw/hair line. 

4. Apply foundation before concealer. You may want to banish those dark under-eyes or that annoying pimple first thing, but you may need to use less concealer if your foundation provides some coverage first! Concealer is usually a thicker consistency, so you want to use it sparingly. 

5. Never pump your mascara wand to get more product! This pushes air into the tube which can cause bacteria growth. Scrape your brush lightly against the tube when pulling it out to get more product on the wand. Don't forget the golden rule of mascara either - get a new one every three months. Good thing we have this range by LA Colors that is super affordable! 


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