Barely Cosmetics

Our vision stems from a desire to pare back, strip down, and waste less—we wanted to create a range of beauty tools that drunk less and gave more.

After a lifetime of using various beauty treatments and cosmetics, one thing became abundantly clear; the amount of waste, due to poor product design. Much of the cosmetics that are bought get soaked up by the traditionally designed cosmetic tools; in some cases, as much as 70% is wasted, resulting in the frustration of spending a lot more than is necessary. A creative solution was needed and thus, Barely was born.

 Built to last but never boring, the objects we create are a mix of beauty industry essential with a twist of the latest emerging beauty concepts.  Our products incorporate a smart surface technology meaning they don’t like to drink cosmetics and increase the longevity of your Make up.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that to continue to grow and develop, our customers need to be 100% happy, every single time. We value all feedback we receive and use it to bring you an even better service in the future. We are committed to creating industry-leading products to suit all budgets. The team at Barely believes that making the most out of your cosmetics shouldn’t be costly.